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The Safest Stair Lifts On The Market

Don't comprimise your safety when choosing a chair lift. It doesn't matter if you call them a stairlift,  stair lift, or chair lift, the top feature should be your safety. Our chair lifts are the best in the business when it comes to safety. Zero maintenance assures you will be running smoothly for years to come. Local family owned Senior Safe Solutions Of PA sales, installs, and services their own products. No contractors, and no middle men. We personally install and service your chair lift. If there is any problem ever, we will fix it.

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Pattented Technology

For most people that require a stair lift, performing regular maintenance on their lift is a challenge. Our lift is the only stair lift on the market that does not require lubrication due to it’s nylon polymer gear rack and worm gear. No mess, no fuss, and
no expensive service contracts. 

Climb and Ascend Stairs With Confidence

Our stair lift rail is the best in class
and sits just  at 3.5” - 5.5” high. The most compact stair lift on the market, when folded our chair has a folded width of just at 10.5”, mounting as close as 0.5” from the wall and allowing for others to easily pass by. 

Remote Controlled

All of our reliable stair lifts come with two remote controls as standard equipment. Which is convenient for more than one user. The operator of the chair has the option of recalling the stair lift from a different floor should it be moved by another user.

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