The Highest Quality Stair Lifts, Baths And Showers.

Get superior quality and outstanding value at Senior Safe Solutions of PA.

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Senior Safe Solutions of PA has the best value and highest quality stair sifts, baths, and showers on the market.

Senior Safe Solutions Of PA is a local Western PA family owned business offering the best value for the highest quality stair lifts, walk-in bathtubs. baths, showers, full bathroom conversions, bathtub cutouts, wheelchair ramps, and home safety products all at the best prices. When you choose a local Western PA company, you support your local community. Support your local economy and choose us. Let us help you today. We have decades of experience in home modifications for the elderly. Click below or scroll down the page to see our beautiful and affordable products.

Stair lifts
The Best Stair Lifts

For the best stairlift on the market choose Senior Safe Solutions Of PA. We sell, install, and service our lifts so there are no contractors or middlemen. For the safest chair lift click below.

Top Selling Baths & Showers

Walk-in bathtubs, acrylic bath and shower systems with the look of expensive stone or marble without the cost. For bathrooms, ADA compliant sinks, toilets, walk-in showers and tubs click below.

wheelchair ramp
 Safe Wheelchair Ramps

Don’t let your staircase become an obstacle to your quality of life. We can build a safe entrance to any home. For more information on our wheelchair ramps, vertical lifts or elevators click below.

The Best Stair Lifts.

Whether you call it a chair lift, a stairlift, or seat lift, our stair lifts are the best that money can buy. No other brand is as safe or as reliable as our stair lifts. We have highly competitive pricing so you get a better product for about the same price, maybe even a little cheaper. We are truly the best value stair lift you can buy. Our lifts are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.

You can buy a cheaper, lesser quality stair lift made in China but it will not last long, and doesn't come with a warranty. We always replace stair lifts from other companies because their brands often fail prematurely and the person who sold them the stairlift was nowhere to be found. Don't get left on your own with a lesser quality stairlift in your home. Call us and get a stairlift made right here in the USA with a company who will service their products.

Narrowest stair lift Available

Our stairlift is only 10.5” wide when footrest and seat are folded! Making it easy for anyone not riding the lift to walk up and down with ease. Some lifts don't fold, leaving the only way up or down on the chair lift.

Works when the power is out

Our stair lifts are operable in a power outage – up to 60 trips! Other manufacturers will leave you stuck. 

Two remote controls

One remote control for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. Easily retrieve your stair lift with the push of a button.

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Complete Bathroom Remodels

Elegant, Yet Affordable Acrylic Bath & Shower Systems.

Walk-In Bathtubs, or complete bathroom remodeling, we have everything you need to completely transform your bathroom into the bath of your dreams with your safety in mind. 

walk-in bath
Our bathtubs and showers are beautiful and easy to care for. All of our baths and showers are made in the USA and come with a lifetime warranty.

Walk-in baths, full bathroom remodels, ADA handicapped showers and baths. All products made in the USA.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant

Wheelchair Ramps

Aluminum ramps or custom wood ramps. We also can install vertical lifts, or home elevators.

wheelchair ramp
Custom Built Wheelchair Ramps

Ramps increase mobility around the home, especially for those with stairs over bumpy thresholds. Having ADA compliant ramps into your home simply makes it easier to live in your home.

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